diumenge, 3 de novembre de 2013

Enric Ansesa’s work can be seen at “Le Noir Absolu” exhibition in Paris from 31 October to 30 November.

“Le Noir Absolu” exhibition has its origin in the publication of “Le Noir” by Gérard-Georges Lemaire in 2006. The author of the book has since organised several exhibitions on the use of black in the works of internationally renowned artists, which in 2011 culminated in the approach of the present exhibition, now shown for the first time in a private gallery, Galerie Grand E’terna in Paris.

Enric Ansesa’s work has been present since the very beginning, and was included in the book-catalogue published in 2011. In the words of Gérard-Georges Lemaire, we have here a collective meditation on the use of black in painting, sculpture, installations, and artist films, which analyzes the blacks in their complex interactions both with each other and with other colours. This gives rise to a free confrontation of experiences among creators of different generations and different styles –figurative, abstract, or conceptual– revolving around an issue that has fuelled the arts since the Renaissance and has taken on a more radical dimension since the appearance of modern art.

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